Styling Research


EDAG offers expertise in vehicle development. In every detail – and for the entirety. We master the latest technologies and combine it with our vast international experience in automotive development. 

Creative Design, CAS, A Class Development, CM&F are examples of our competences. With us you can have support, advice and expertise in all phases of a project, from research, development and definition of the ideas.

 Our main areas are within the following:

  • Creative Design and Visalization
  • Surfacing & Prototyping
  • ColourMaterials&Finishing
  • Photoshop, V-Red, Maya, Alias, Icem-Surf

Automotive development in:

Creative Design and Visalization

We take care our Customer from the beginning of research phase, supporting and developing their ideas through freehand/digital sketch, concept visualization in virtual reality environment.

Surfacing and Protyping

A professional team with experience and passion are focused on the development of 3D modelling of both externals and interiors; Starting from the creative phase, we are able to improve the project with technical information in order to design the first Digital Prototype and evolve it in A Class Digital Model for the final mass production. During those phases we integrate the realizazione of prototypes (static or mulotype models) to ensure and to verify the right progress of the project.

 Colour, Materials & Finishing

We are always looking for new materials, new technologies application and innovative solution to import and export ideas from other non-automotive fields. Respect of Nature and environment are the Must of our reserch, cost reduction, wheigt reduction and less dispersion is our target, always taking care the aestetic result.

We test new combination of pigments, interaction of diffrent materials and after all steps need for the validation we finally confirm the delivery of a new material and its application.